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The River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition.....

 A non-profit organization created by local community members working to make a positive difference in the health and well-being of our communities in the River Valley region.

Our mission:                        
To achieve measurable improvement in the quality of life in the River Valley towns of Oxford County through coordinated, ongoing public health promotion.

Our Success :
stablished in 1997,
the Healthy Communities is successor to the Northern Oxford County Coalition (NOCC). The regional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided financial support and technical assistance to the NOCC, whose chief concern was environmental pollution.

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 Healthy Hearts 5K Run/Walk

Brief Description

The Healthy Hearts 5K Run/Walk is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association's 2014 Heart Walk. There is no personal fundraising to do; all that's necessary to participate is your registration. The course is an intermediate level that will give a spring tour of the Rumford community.


Timing is being provided by The Chisholm Ski Club from Black Mountain of Maine. Check out this link for all you need to know about their experience. http://www.chisholmskiclub.org/index.html



Community-wide projects facilitated by the Healthy Communities aimed at addressing quality of life issues.
Healthy Communities sponsored events that bring people together to assess and strategize about our community's priority health issues through summits, retreats, focus groups and surveys.
The Healthy Communities can assist through linking complementary projects together, providing technical assistance and offering vehicles for recognition and support.


  • Reward successful programs, nurture fledgling programs, and fill in gaps in community resources through development of new and existing programs
  • Raise awareness of the health status of our community, share information and data with community, and update regularly with a focus on measurable outcomes
  • Promote and maintain community involvement and ownership of programs and delivery systems
  • Ensure the long-term stability and impact of the Coalition
  • Become recognized as a clearing house (resource) to help coordinate local efforts and share resources aimed at community health/education

What is KeepMEWell?
KeepMEWell is designed to help Maine residents assess their risk for chronic disease, improve their health through education, and link them to local resources and supports that can help them decrease their risk of chronic disease and improve their health. It is part of the Governor's Universal Wellness Initiative aimed at helping Maine reach its goal of becoming the healthiest state in the nation.
KeepMEWell has two main features. The first is an assessment that Maine residents, 18 years or older, can complete. Based on your answers to a series of health questions, you will get three personalized reports. The reports assess your risk for chronic disease, highlight where you can take action to improve your health, and provide a list of local resources in your area that can help with disease prevention and management.
The second feature helps Mainers, especially those who are uninsured or underinsured, learn about low cost healthcare services in their local area. Check it out

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